11 August 2012

FDI Calculator App in iOS AppStore

My first (personally funded and created) app is now up in the Apple App Store.

The app is a tool for:

  1. Fire Danger Index calculator
  2. Fire Danger Rating information
  3. Drought Factor calculator

From the AppStore app description:

FDI Utility is an application to calculate the Forest Fire Danger Index (FFDI), Grass Fire Danger Index (GFDI) and Drought Index (KBDI). It displays the results as the Fire Danger Index (FDI) and also converts these indices to the correspondingForest and Grass Fire Danger Ratings (FDR) for ease of use. The FDRs are color coded and display information about what to do, what to expect and simple fire behaviour on a day of that rating. Calculations are from the paper "McArthur's fire-danger meters expressed as equations" published in the Australian Journal of Ecology by Noble, Bary & Gill, 1980. The app is "donationware" meaning that you may use this app for free, forever - but if you like the app please consider donating to Hornsby RFS brigade (of which I am a member) or buy me a coffee!

Check it out if you want to calculate Fire Danger Indices, Ratings or Drought Factor.

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